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CAC Members at an APOLLO Steering Committee Meeting March 4th, 2020 


APOL1 Long-term Kidney Transplantation
Outcomes Network 

The purpose of this study is to test kidney donors and kidney transplant recipients for apolipoprotein L1 gene (called APOL1) variants (or forms of the gene) and to see how these may affect them. Genes control the traits that you inherit from your family such as your eye color or blood type. Variation or changes in genes can also put some people at risk for developing certain diseases. Previous research has shown that variation in the APOL1 gene can put people at higher risk for kidney disease. The purpose of this study is to test kidney donors and recipients for APOL1 gene variants to see how this gene may impact people who receive a kidney transplant and those who donated a kidney.

If you are an APOLLO Participant interested in receiving your genetic testing results, look below. 

If there have been any changes to your contact details since your enrollment in the study (change of address, email or phone number), we kindly request that you reach out to your recruiting site and provide your updated information. This ensures seamless communication and timely delivery of your genotyping results, as well as any future updates regarding the APOLLO study.

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