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Community Education

APOLLO study investigators and Community Advisory Council members have collaborated with national kidney organizations to create educational and informative videos & documents for the community.

Discussion on the APOL1 gene and how information can help better the patient experience and kidney community

Presented in Collaboration

with the

National Kidney Foundation

The Kidney
Donation Process

The Importance of APOLLO

for Living Donors

List of APOLLO Commonly Used Acronyms

Click on to learn more about APOLLO acronyms

Overview of the APOLLO study

Presented by

Marva Moxey-Mims, MD


Role of the APOL1 Gene in Kidney Disease

Barry Freedman, MD, APOLLO Principal Investigator discusses how the APOL1 Gene Causes a Higher Risk of Kidney Disease for People of African Ancestry

Introduction to the APOLLO Study

A Look Into the APOLLO Study

Who is at risk? Understanding the Connection between the APOL1 gene and Kidney Disease

An Expert Webinar Hosted by AAKP

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